Top Fifteen Oral Lesions Beyond Plaque, Calculus, and Gingivitis

These are all lesions that your veterinary dental team should be searching for and that require an alert to the attending doctor.


  1.  Chipped, fractured, worn, or abraded teeth
  2.  Discolored teeth
  3.  Mobile teeth or missing teeth
  Crowded or displaced teeth, supernumerary or retained primary teeth
  5.  Malocclusions
  6.  Attachment loss as evidenced by periodontal pockets, gingival
       recession, or bone loss.
  7.  Oral or lingual masses (always check under the tongue), gingival
  8.  Enlarged lymph nodes or salivary glands
  9.  Facial swellings or facial asymmetry
  10. Draining tracts, fistulas, ulcers, soft tissue trauma, or lacerations
  11. Stomatitis-Caudal stomatitis, buccal stomatitis, or gingival stomatitis
  12. Resorptive lesions (Cats and Dogs)
  13. Maxillary or mandibular instability
  14. Foreign bodies
  15. Difficulty in opening the mouth

Larry J. Klima, DVM, Diplomate AVDC


Comprehensive Oral Care & Maxillofacial Surgery

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