Need help bringing your dental program to the level of sophistication of the rest of your hospital?

I offer supplemental services that include half day or full day

staff and doctor training sessions. I can place your staff on the

fast track to success by giving them supportive training in dental

radiology, instrumentation, periodontal therapy, and oral surgery.



Taking quality intraoral radiographs necessitates an understanding of the bisecting angle technique. While visualizing these angles is not always intuitive, proper training can greatly enhance the quality and interpretability of the films taken by your staff.


The vast array of instrumentation in veterinary dentistry can be both confusing and intimidating. Staff members will competently perform dental procedures when they receive formal training in technique, and are provided instruction on proper instrument selection.



Periodontal therapy and oral surgery encompass a host of technique sensitive procedures. Selective flap surgeries can be utilized for both extractions and open periodontal debridement.