You can expand your provided care and retain the patient
in your hospital

Eighty percent of patients entering your hospital likely suffer from some form of
oral disease. Are you recognizing them?



This patient has more than just periodontal disease and calculus occurring within the mouth. An oral tumor has been identified overlying the cusp of the upper right 4 th premolar.


This patient had no visible lower left canine tooth, and had a history of automobile trauma and facial injury several years prior.  Intraoral radiographs confirmed an intruded canine tooth.


This cat is suffering from a severe resorptive lesion of the lower right canine tooth. These conditions can be extraordinarily painful for cats, and need to be addressed in a timely fashion. Full mouth intraoral radiographs need to be taken of this patient to evaluate the entire dentition for the presence of tooth resorption. Clinically affected teeth are extracted or crown amputated, depending on the findings of the radiographs.