I offer board certified service in veterinary dentistry and oral surgery within the convenient location of your own veterinary hospital.

Your clients have come to know you and trust your hospital. They appreciate

the convenience and proximity of your location. Why not offer them a referral for

specialty care within the walls of your own facility?

This patient has traumatically avulsed a maxillary canine tooth. This tooth could be saved with appropriate intraoral splinting and follow up root canal therapy.

You can now provide your clients with state of the art therapy in oral surgery,

fracture repair, endodontics, periodontics, prosthodontics, and orthodontics.

Here is an example of an intraoral splint. This patient sustained an open mandibular fracture with canine tooth avulsion and symphyseal displacement. Interdental wiring followed by an acrylic splint stabilized this patient's jaw, and allowed healing to take place. Root canal therapy followed six weeks later